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5 Cardinal Blogging Rules You Should Follow

is true that millions of blogs are started every year. In fact, most
people have been lured into blogging as a way of making some quick cash
online. However, if that were true, then posts like this would be
irrelevant; blogging is as demanding as any other carrier is.

other words, you are poised to fail if you joined blogging with a wrong
notion. As mentioned before, millions of blogs are launched only to
disappear into thin air after a few months. To give your blog a life,
therefore, you need to follow some cardinal blogging rules. The said
rules define a successful blogger.

 Blogging Rules

intend to share the five (5) important practices every successful
blogger abides by. While there is bound to be differences as to who a
‘successful blogger’ is, majority agree that all successful bloggers
have met their goals.

instance, if you started a blog to earn income then you must be earning
to be considered successful. On the other hand, if your goal was simply
to inform the masses, then you must have hundreds of loyal readers and
subscribers to qualify as a successful blogger. 
The following is a list of five (5) cardinal blogging tips that will prove helpful to you:

1. Coin a relevant domain name

things first, find a domain name that captures your contents. This is
the first cardinal blogging rule. A misleading domain name will send
your page visitors away. What do you think will happen if chose as a domain name for a blog that reviews smartphones?

will certainly look irresponsible or confused before your readers.
Therefore, take your time and think about a domain name that will allude
to your niche or topics. 

I talk about domain, I mean a TLD (Top Level Domain) e.g. .com, .net or
.org  not a subdomain like, or I’m in no way condemning your blog simply because
it is hosted on a subdomain, all I’m saying is that a TLD makes your
blog look serious.

Most readers don’t trust subdomains. So, get yourself a catchy blog domain from Namecheap at
some of the cheapest prices in the market. TLD domains are selling as
low as $3/year, you have no reason to keep your or free domains.


  1. How To Pick A Good Domain Name

2. Choose the right blogging platform. 

from Google’s Blogger platform, where you don’t have to worry about
hosting fees, other platforms require self-hosting. WordPress
is free but you will have to part with some cash in the form of hosting
fees. As expected WordPress has more features than the free hosted
blogger. You always get what you pay for. 
you undecided which platform to launch your blogging on? Well, I’m on
blogger but wouldn’t blindly sway you to choose it. Instead, I’ll refer
you to this REVIEW to help yo make an informed choice. You may also want to check out a ‘comprehensive review‘ of the 10 most popular blogging services. 

3. Pick Quality Template 

you are not a conversant with HTML and Web design, then you will have
to buy a template or download one free. It does not matter which
blogging platform you are using, the default templates these platforms
provide will not take you far.

need a beautiful, fully SEO optimized and Ads ready (if you intend to
monetize your blog) blog template. Now, you may be lucky to access
hundreds of free blog templates with some of the above-mentioned
features if you knew where to look.


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  2. Get the best free Blogger templates
  3. Where to download quality WordPress templates free

4. Always Write Unique Posts

you thought blogging is simply a copy and pasting process then you are
very wrong. It is about hard work, research and creativity to give
highly unique contents to your readers. While I am not suggesting you
take a trip to Mars to get new topics, it pays to give a different
perspective of the common topics.

Learn how to write quality posts and the different approaches to use when writing about a popular topic by visiting these links:

  1. What constitutes a quality blog post
  2. Different approaches to a popular topic

a unique and informative post after a century will see you fail in this
business. Instead, provide your audience with fresh content as regular
as possible. I’d suggest a well researched and relevant piece every week
or a fortnight. 

is changing and what was true yesterday may be outdated today. So, go
through your posts whenever you can and update them when necessary. Now,
updating may involve adding new information to the existing one or
removing a certain section of your post and replacing it with new data.
Whichever is easier, please update your posts. 

updating your blog is the best way to improve your SERP. Search engine
bots and crawlers love sites with newer contents as opposed to those
with outdated ones. Such simple trick will help you create a loyal
audience as well as enhance the crawling and indexing your posts by
major search engines.


  1. How to attract and maintain loyal readers to your blog 

5. Practice Responsible On Page and Off Page SEO

a new blogger, you may be consumed with the need to rank better. I
mean, Google Pagerank and Alexa ranking are things bloggers can kill
for. I too got sucked into it to the extent that I downloaded a link
building and traffic generation software. Both backfired and only served
to hurt my blog.

I wouldn’t want you to go through the same. Yes, good Alexa ranking and
the Google PageRank are important. However, they aren’t so important
that they can replace your audience. Your readers need new tips and if
you are not going to provide that they will leave and never to return to
your blog. 

of hurting your readers, simply learn how to improve your Ranking and
Link building techniques that work. Here are the links:

  1. How to improve your Alexa ranking the easy way
  2. Effective Link Building Technique 

that you know of these cardinal blogging rules, the ball is in your
court. You either follow the simple but effective rules or run for some
quick fix and go through what I went through. I hope you will choose the
former. Otherwise, share your views about this post and the topic in
general via the comment box and I’ll engage you promptly.

Happy blogging

Samson Ogola
A Google Certified Online Marketer, Freelance Writer and a Social Media Enthusiast. He's the Editor and Main Author on this blog. Ogola lives in Nairobi Kenya
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  • Marty Rogers Jun 24,2016 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks for the tips. Choosing the right domain name and writing a good researched story will always help to gain more from your blog posts. They will help gain more visitors and build your blog popularity in search engines.

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