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5 Simple Ways To Get Blog Readers Today

me if I’m wrong, but to state that traffic is the lifeline of every
blog isn’t farfetched. Again, the fact that you are reading this post
means you are looking for ways to build a loyal readers base. Just what
type of page visitors am I calling loyal readers? Simple, these are the
visitors who take their time to read through your posts and drop a
constructive comment.

5 Simple Ways To Get Blog Readers Today

Here are some questions you should honestly answer before we move forward:

  • What
    do you need the traffic for – Is it just to get the readers and
    influence them with your posts or have you monetized your blog and thus
    need to increase your income? 
  • If
    your posts or topics are unique – i.e. are you giving the readers
    something new or just simply duplicating contents from the internet? The
    latter will not work well for you, so  try to provide different
    perspectives if you have to write about a common topic i.e. give your
    readers another version of the story
  • What
    type of audience are you targeting – i.e. what type of age groups,
    academic or financial groups are you appealing to? Better still, what
    topic (niche) are you writing on? 
  • What blog promotion method is effective and suitable for your goal?

The time when all bloggers and other online publishers cared
about is long gone. I mean, 10,000 daily visitors to your blog who won’t
stay on the site for more than a minute are no longer important. What
is the use of Pageviews without conversion? To me, thousands of blog
visitors cannot subscribe to your mailing list or share your articles on
social media let alone click on the ads appearing on your blog are not
as important.

This is why I strongly advise against
buying traffic or involving in traffic exchange games. While they are a
wonderful way to improve your Alexa ranking, they’ll cannot give long
lasting benefits to your blog. As a matter of fact, paid traffic doesn’t
guarantee conversion and  stops immediately your money runs out.

is the same with traffic exchange sites, you must buy credits or earn
them to receive visitors. All these shortcuts are simple and offer a
short term solution to your need for blog readers. However, traffic
exchange sites and paid traffic won’t help your blog in the long run.

be fair to those who sell traffic or own traffic exchange sites, I have
to admit that improved Alexa ranking might attract you direct
advertisers at time. In this brief post, I share what will work for you
and doesn’t require great ingenuity to effect. Here are the 5 ways I
tried and found very effective in attracting blog readers today.

1. Understand Your Audience

Every time you
decide to write an article, you need to picture you audience. Whom are
you writing for? What would they want to know and do you have the
accurate information on the topic? Trust me, you shoot yourself in the
legs and arms the time you start writing without picturing your

Interrogate what level of writing is most
suitable for your audience. I mean, must you so technical in your
writing? At times, a simply written article is the best option for you
because it can be understood by a wider audience. Blog readers are not
robots or any other machines for that matter but humans whom you must
appeal to in order to earn their trust.


  1. Why it is good to understand your audience

2. Share New Tips

Sharing new tips is your next
step. Let’s say, you know your audience and you know the language to
use when addressing them but do you have factual details to present to
them? It is no longer a matter of factual details alone but a newer

It will do your blog no good if what you
are sharing is already available in millions of sites out there. You may
be wondering how it is  possible to coin a topic total unheard of?
Well, you aren’t going to achieve that. However, you can give another
view of a rather popular topic.


  1. How to approach a popular topic from different angles

3. Do On Page SEO 

writing great articles is one of the ways of attracting readers to your
blog, it is not as effective if people cannot find you through search
engines. You MUST place strategic keywords in your post. As they say too
much of anything is dangerous, you should fight the temptation of
keyword stuffing.

You are not writing for the search
engines and such bots but humans. I’d suggest you identify a keyword or
key phrase and only use it where applicable. Most SEO experts recommend a
keyword density of not more than 2%. REMEMBER your keyword placement
must make sense.

About your post length and formatting,
I suggest you adjust your blog font to 16px and write exhaustive posts
(800+ words). You should also see to it that your blog template is
SEO optimised to improve your SERP.


  1. Introduction to keyword Analysis
  2. Simple On page SEO Tips 
  3. Basic Off Page SEO Tips

4. Share Posts On Social Media

share your posts with your Twitter Followers, Google+ cycles, Facebook
Friends/Fans and LinkedIn connections. If your friends were carefully
chosen then you can relax knowing they will visit the links you share
with them. Sadly, that’s not the case if you did the mistake of buying
social media followers

I recommend you write quality articles (you can get ideas from other writers at MyBlogU) and bookmark them on social sites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Tumblr and StumbleUpon. Also pin your images on Pinterest.


  1. How to boost your social media following

5. Share Your Posts On Blogging Communities

is one of the most effective way to get blog readers. There are
blogging communities where you can share your posts and get great
comments and readers. I recommend the following:

  1. BlogEngage
  2. Blokube
  3. Kingged
  4. Klinkk

Finally, and this may need some cash, you could advertise your
blog through Google Adword, placing in on premium business directories.
These are the 5 Simple Ways To Get Blog Readers I’m using currently and
all I can say is that they are effective. You should try them too.

Did you find this post useful? Please let me know your take via the comment box. Otherwise, happy blogging.

Samson Ogola
A Google Certified Online Marketer, Freelance Writer and a Social Media Enthusiast. He's the Editor and Main Author on this blog. Ogola lives in Nairobi Kenya
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