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What Defines A Great Press Release


Every person is obsessed with how to promote their websites, and it isn’t a bad thing. After all, why start a website that will only be read by yourself? While some webmasters have the capacity to contract SEO experts to promote their sites, some, especially the new bloggers and website owners running on a low budget have to do most of these things themselves.

This site is dedicated to giving you tips on how to promote your site and be the successful webmaster you should be. In this article we learn how a Press Release can help you promote your website or blog.

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An example of topics a press release can be about
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A press release is the official statement from a company to the media outlets. In that regard, it should be well crafted by persons endowed with public relation and good communication skills. Take an example where a firm would like to allay damaging rumors about one of their products to regain the customers’ trust. In that case, a defensive official statement that does not overreact to or easily dismisses the said rumors must be released. This instance shows how press releases can be important in building a company’s reputation and thus underscoring the need for writers to understand the basics of this kind of writing.

Qualities of a great press release

While there are several features and qualities of a Press Release, the following are important. A press release: 
  • Is Professionally Written – A great Press Release is one written by someone with a background in communication science or public relations studies. However, this does not mean that people without such training cannot produce quality press statements. 
  • Has a simple but catchy title – Generally, Press Release writing concentrates on coining a simple and catchy title that will determine the size of the audience and how they will react towards the statement. A good title is written after one has finished writing the statement. Secondly, the tittle should use a keyword in the title to improve its ranking in the search engine results.
  • Has an informative body – Apart from the title, the body should also be informative without necessarily being wordy. 
  • Answers a specific question exhaustively – To show professionalism, a Press Release should provide answers to questions like what, why, who where, when and how within a concisely written piece
  • Clearly indicates the Company’s Location – The provision of details such as the company’s location and a clear first line, helps captivate the readers. 

By concentrating on facts and important information about the company, the press release does not attract more questions and thus leaving many convinced (if it was a defensive statement) or simply informed in case of a release communicating positive news.

The modern press release job also demands that one includes links to additional information that confirms the statement. Finally, links to online resources with relevant information or where to get the copy of the press release is necessary, as most people prefer online resources to print media.

Samson Ogola
A Google Certified Online Marketer, Freelance Writer and a Social Media Enthusiast. He's the Editor and Main Author on this blog. Ogola lives in Nairobi Kenya
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